MSc thesis project proposals

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor. If you see a project of interest, you are interested in one of our research topics, or you have your own idea for a project please contact one of the staff members.

Optimizing the dielectric for superconducting THz detectors

MEMS Technology

Wafer-scale suspended graphene for sensing applications

Resonant Lorentz Force MEMS Magnetometer with Picotesla Sensitivity

Tailoring properties of suspended graphene for microphone applications

Fabrication of graphene-based optical modulator

Actuation of graphene membranes through surface acoustic waves

In this project, you will explore new ways of exploiting the mechanical properties of graphene to build autonomous and compact sensors.

Ultra-sensitive method for assessing wafer bonding quality

Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Micro-hotplate enabled in-situ time-resolved study in nanotechnology

Bioinspired hair sensor to test air flow and fabricated by controlled electromigration

Bio-inspired air flow sensor for micro air vehicles

Graphene-based sensors

Graphene-based gas sensor with integrated microheater

Graphene as back contact for poly-Si based solar cells

Flexible and Stretchable Electronics

Ultrasound neuromodulation on in-vitro neuronal cultures

A sub-millimeter size tissue stiffness sensor

Micro/Nano System Integration and Reliability

Characterization of 4H-SiC Piezoresistive/CMOS Stress Sensors

Characterization of Silicon Piezoresistive Stress Sensors for Thermal-Mechanical Test Chip

Online Thermal Reliability Monitoring During Power Cycling Test by SiC TTC

Low temperature interconnecting: Soft to Hard device interconnection

Nanoparticle Based-Memristive Device

Reliability of 3D integration flip-chip approach using nanometallic particles sintering

Design of SiC CMOS Integrated Circuit for High-temperature Applications

Health monitoring in electronic drivers

Optimization for failure detection in autonomous driving

On Package Food Decay Indicator

Silicon Carbide Thermal Test Chip for Characterization of Die-Attach Materials

Vacuum-assisted Through-Silicon Vias (TSV) Fabrication using Cu nanoparticles sintering

Smart Micro Thrusters for CubeSats

High-throughput assembly of mini/microLED display panels

Structural Design and Fabrication of Stretchable Mini-LED Array


On-membrane barrier integrity analysis

The aim of this project is to design a novel on-chip impedance measurement device for blood-brain barrier activity monitoring.

Fabrication of 3D multielectrode arrays using high-resolution 3D printing

Integrated Ultrasound Pressure Sensor in a Brain-on-chip Platform

Biodegradable Technologies

Soft resorbable patch controlled by magnetic actuation for retinal repair

Biodegradable magnetic actuator for mechanical stretching of cardiac muscle cells

Transparent biodegradable actuator for mechanical stimulation of cells in organs-on-chip

Resorbable hernia post-operative monitoring implant

Soft array of strain sensors for heart transplantation monitoring

Wireless magneto-responsive biodegradable composites for hyperthermia treatment

a new type of soft and biodegradable materials is investigated, combining ┬Ám-size magneto-responsive particles with an elastomeric matrix, with the objective to cure cancer with hyperthermia treatment

A biodegradable temperature sensors for measuring tissue vitality in deep wounds