Nikolas Gaio


  1. Low-Impedance PEDOT:PSS MEA Integrated in a Stretchable Organ-on-Chip Device
    Affan K. Waafi; Nikolas Gaio; William F. Quiros-Solano; Paul Dijkstra; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Ronald Dekker;
    IEEE Sensors,
    Volume 20, Issue 3, pp. 1150-1157, 2020. DOI:

  2. Organ-on-silicon
    Nikolas Gaio;
    PhD thesis, Delft University of Technology, 2019.

  3. Microfabricated tuneable and transferable porous PDMS membranes for Organs-on-Chips
    W. F. Quirós-Solano; N. Gaio; O. M. J. A. Stassen; Y. B. Arik; C. Silvestri; N. C. A. Van Engeland; A. Van der Meer; R. Passier; C. M. Sahlgren; C. V. C. Bouten; A. van den Berg; R. Dekker; P. M. Sarro;
    Scientific Reports,
    pp. 13524, 2018. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-31912-6

  4. A novel method to transfer porous PDMS membranes for high throughput Organ-on-Chip and Lab-on-Chip assembly
    William.F Quirós-Solano; Nikolas Gaio; Cinzia Silvestri; Oscar M. J. A. Arik; Yusuf, B. Stassen; Andries van der Meer; Carlijn V.C. Bouten; Albert van den Berg; Ronald Dekker; P.M. Sarro;
    In 31th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS),
    pp. 318-321, 2018.

  5. A Multi Well Plate Organ-on-chip (Ooc) Device For In-vitro Cell Culture Stimulation And Monitoring
    N. Gaio; A. Waafi; M.L.H. Vlaming; E. Boschman; P. Dijkstra; P. Nacken; S.R. Braam; C. Boucsein; P.M. Sarro; R. Dekker;
    In 31th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS),

  6. Versatile 3D Stretchable Micro-Environment for Organ-on-Chip Devices Fabricated with Standard Silicon Technology
    Nikolas Gaio; William Quiros Solano;
    Patent, WO2018021906, 2018.

  7. Polymeric strain gauges as pressure sensor for microfabricated organ-on-chips
    W.F. Quiros Solano; N. Gaio; C. Silvestri; G. Pandraud; P.M. Sarro;
    In Proc.of Transducers 2017, the 19th International Conference on Solid-state Sensors, Actuators, and Microsystems,
    pp. 1296-1299, 2017.

  8. Cytostretch, an Organ-on-Chip Platform
    Gaio, N.; van Meer, B.; Quiros Solano, W.; Bergers, L.; van de Stolpe, A.; Mummery, C.; Sarro, P.M.; Dekker, R.;
    Volume 7, Issue 7, pp. 120, 2016.

  9. Fabrication and characterization of an Upside-down Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Microelectrode array (MEA)
    Gaio, N.; Silvestri, C.; van Meer, B.; Vollebregt, S.; Mummery, C.; Dekker, R.;
    IEEE Sensors Journal,
    Volume 16, Issue 24, pp. 8685, 2016.

  10. Upside-down Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Micro-electrode Array (MEA)
    N. Gaio; B. van Meer; C. Silvestri; Saeed Khoshfetrat Pakazad; S. Vollebregt; C.L. Mummery; R. Dekker;
    In IEEE Sensors Conference,

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